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what happened to your fic?
by Anonymous

go to beyoncebenders.tumblr.com/ficcies for all of my old fanfictions. I’m not completing any of the incomplete ones at the moment, I doubt I ever will. xx


u farted on my soul

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I love your fanfics!! I have a question! You know the girl who wrote... 'I'll Be Home For Christmas?" Well that's also one of my favs. I wish she would continue fanfics. Does she ever go on?
by Anonymous

Thank you! I think she posts some chapters sometimes, but both of us have pretty much moved past that stuff. http://darlinbut-i-want-youto.tumblr.com/ is her new tumblr :)


Go here

Hi! :D when I clicked the link to read picturesque it says that the URL couldn't be found:((
by niallhoranandhisnandos

Try beyoncebender.tumblr.com/ficcies :) All my blogs are changed around

what is the link for your niall fanfic? really want to read it :)
by Anonymous

Hey, sorry i’ve recently changed around all my blogs and stuff. My main blog (which use to be ifniallwasmynandos) is now beyoncebender and is now a humour blog. I’m in the process of updating my one direction blog so it has all my fanfictions but if you want to read them they are there for the time being.  http://beyoncebender.tumblr.com/ficcies

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all the notes. holy crap.

at first the reblog button didn’t work for me, i was like FUCK FUCK FUCK but then it worked.lol.

It worked immediately. I’M HARRY FREAKIN POTTER!


…looks like i got the magic in me. >:)

HA! FINALLY! after the 73902356504600th try! ;)

look @ me now.

fuck yeaahhhhh first time


I’m the boss.

First time.

My letter is very clearly four years late.

First time.. say whaaat.

waddup ravenclaw

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Harry gets instagram and instagrams a few photos
Directioners: Omfg harry like instagrams everything lolzzzz i can't even like he won't even stop.
Directioners: Omfg imagine harry proposing and you saying yes he'd be all like 'let me take a picture to put on my instagram' lol he so would because he instagrams everything.
Directioners: Harry stop updating your instagram gosh you are such an instagrammer hahahaha do you ever stop lolz